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Love at Second Sight



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The Story of Adam and Steve

adamsteveAdam Weiser is your average gay guy, just trying to get by in an insane world. Then one night a gang of gay-bashing teenage punks taught to hate by twisted religion murders his new-found friend and beats him within inches of his life, then leaves him to die.

Adam is no ordinary victim. He’s blessed and cursed with a unique ability, the power to hear your most private thoughts, to feel your deepest feelings and know your darkest secrets. He can learn everything about you just by looking you in the eye.

And once he’s seen your soul naked, he can never un-see it.

Steve Kensley is a dedicated gay police sergeant who volunteers to take on Adam’s case and bring his attackers to justice. It’s more than personal to him. He doesn’t just want to avenge this assault on his own kind. He’s also in love with Adam!

While Adam secretly meddles in the investigation, working behind the sergeant’s back to lead him to the evidence he needs, his investigation reveals another truth, this one about himself. He’s in love with the sergeant, too.

It’s a romance that’s meant to be, but only Adam realizes it… and the only way it can happen is if he takes the ultimate leap of faith, risking a catastrophic outcome, and speaks the truth that he has never spoken…


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