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Thinking of Boston

I suppose that, as a ’blogger, it’s my duty to make some commentary on the horrific tragedy in Boston on Monday. I’m probably late to the party, as it’s been almost 48 hours since explosions ripped through the crowd of spectators at the finish line. But what can I say? The words just escape me. […]


Status Post

I had my surgery yesterday. It went better than I had been led to believe. I’m in remarkably little pain this morning. I can’t really see the surgery site, since it’s on my rear end, so I stood in front of my camera and took some pictures with the timer. No, I am not going […]



When the Chorus sang its Olé Olé Olé concert back in March, our smaller ensemble OutLoud! performed what I think was one of the most depressing songs I have ever heard in my life. It was called “La Llarona” (“The Weeping Woman”) and it was based on an old Mexican legend about a woman who […]

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