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The Rise of the Stupid

I’m afraid. I’m very afraid. I woke up this morning in a country where it’s okay to hate somebody because of their religion, or because they’re of a certain ethnicity, or because they’re not a “10.” I woke up in a country where it’s okay to hate me. I woke up in a country where it’s okay to respond with violence when someone has a different opinion from yours. I woke up in a country where it’s perfectly acceptable to violate a woman’s body if you’re rich or famous enough.

Don’t ever insult my intelligence by calling yourselves the party of family values. You’ve lost that right. And by electing Donald Trump, it has been proven that America is not a Christian nation.

On the contrary, we have sold our soul to the devil.

Trump was right about one thing — that the media is rigging the election — but he was only partially right. The media haven’t been rigging elections, they’ve been rigging us. We’re being indoctrinated to shun science and believe the wild promises of magic men and their imaginary celestial friends. We’ve glorified the ignorant, from Duck Dynasty to the Duggars to Honey Boo-Boo, and fed on a steady diet of rumors and urban legends. The same tools that allow us to communicate globally have become choked with so much information it’s hard to tell real news from Onion-esque parody. We’ve been so dumbed down by reality television and the decimation of our educational system that the stupid people have taken over. I weep for the future.

I see dark days coming. There will be a rise in racially-motivated hate crimes, many if not most targeting the Islamic community, as we have given bigotry a pass. Even I am a potential target.

We were naïve to think that the election of Barack Obama would put an end to racism in America. Instead, it has only fanned the flames. That’s no reason people of good conscience should give up fighting the fire.

While I’m not going to be as callous as to wish death on President Trump (cringe) as some did with his predecessor, I do wish for his presidency to be a spectacular failure, so that in 2020 — assuming we’re still here — America will tell him, “You’re fired.”

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