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University of the Damned

When I finished writing Grunch Road last summer, it was kinda sad; I so enjoyed the process of writing that I didn’t want it to be over. I guess Moses felt the same way after he was done writing Genesis, and like him, I sought to alleviate this post-partum depression by launching into a sequel.

For my first sequel, I am moving the location out of my native New Orleans East (though it will be back from time to time) to the campus of Arkadia University. My first story in what will be a four-part series (hey, if Moses could write five books, then so can I!) is called University of the Damned where Nick and his friend Ben (the two guys pictured on the cover) are enrolled in college through a Silver Scroll scholarship. They’re both working for the campus newspaper. Nick doesn’t get into a lot of trouble in this outing. Hell, he doesn’t even get beat up! Don’t worry, I’m only being nice to him next year because next year look out … there will be punishment. The draft of the second novel, Sport of the Gods, is now finished and I’m working on the rewrites. It will be a very intense story and some of the imagery gets a little ugly. I have to work on telling the story without getting too gross, and that’s not easy!

To help promote these books, I’ve redesigned by website to turn the right sidebar into my book promotion area, which means I’ve removed the Chorus Events calendar. I don’t think it will be missed; you can always find out what the Chorus is up to at their website, and there’s a link to them in the left sidebar.

Music Notes

A, B flat, Middle C … okay, bad pun. I was a really bad boy and skipped rehearsal Tuesday night to go down to the bar and drink instead. I’m entitled; it was my birthday. I had a great time, got lots of drinks bought for me, and got up and sang a duet of “I’ll Cover You” (from Rent) with my friend Frankie, who really should try out for the Chorus!

What the Chorus is working on now is a new piece we commissioned from Michael Shaieb, who wrote Through A Glass, Darkly for is in 2008) called “Out of My Range and Other Performance-Related Issues” which explores the adventures of a new Chorus member trying to make it through his first concert. We’ll be premiering it in March and taking it to the GALA Chorus festival in Denver.

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