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Return to Grunch Road

I haven’t been writing in my ’blog a lot lately. I’ve been busy writing, getting ready to publish my next book. But before I do that, I wanted to make some upgrades to the original installment in the series, Grunch Road, I am re-releasing it this week, this time as a full-length novel. Rather than pad out the original with unnecessary filler (though I did expand on a few scenes) I extended it into the “Six Months Later” gap that exists in the original. The Grunch has had to take a back seat as the book is now more about Nick than about the Grunch, and the bad guy role has shifted over to one of the investigating cops, who turns out to be a loose cannon.

This isn’t a story about the Grunch anymore; he’s gone from being the subject of the sentence to being an object. The real main character is Nick, who is beginning to take on epic hero status, and making a few enemies who will give him grief later in the sequels.

Swingin’ in the Season

The Chorus is working on its new holiday show, and I really like this one. First of all, it appeals to the atheist in me because it’s totally secular. That’s right; for the first time since I joined the Chorus we are doing a holiday show that does not include any way, shape or form of “Silent Night” and I have absolutely zero problems with that. What we do have is a really fun show with a big-band swing to it courtesy of Xtet, the jazz band from McNally Smith College (someone correct me if I got that name wrong). The highlight of the show for me is the Musicological Journey through the Twelve Days of Christmas. Each day is in a different musical style, starting with a sixth-century plainsong chant through the ages of music with styles evoking Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Wagner and finally John Philip Sousa. That in itself is worth the ticket price, and if you’re really good, you might just get a hippopotamus for Christmas!

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