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Catching Up

I haven’t been writing in my ’blog lately. There’s been a lot going on, but I’ve been hiding away in my own little fantasy world working on the sequels to Grunch Road. Since I’m writing about Nick Eismann’s adventures in college, it’s a four part cycle entitled University of the Damned. I’m hoping to release Book I early next year, but I’m writing them all right now, because elements of each story will depend on elements of the other. There will be multiple story lines all going on at the same time, not all of which will be resolved until future installments in the series.

Book1coverI saw the doctor yesterday for follow-up on the surgery I had back in August. They’re keeping a close eye on me for cancer now, but he’s hopeful it isn’t going to get that far. He also bought a copy of my book. I hope he likes it. There’s not a lot of medical stuff in it, but I should have him check my medical stuff for future novels that will have doctor stuff. Here’s a sneak peak at the cover to Book I.

Feeding Frenzy

I just have to wonder about the Republican Party these days. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are behaving like one is going to ask the other to step outside. Herman Cain’s fuzzy math gives me a worse headache than real math. And Michele Bachmann is … well, she’s Michele Bachmann. I usually despise election campaigns, especially when they get as ugly as this. (And really, these days when don’t they?)

The truth be told, I’m actually enjoying watching them make complete asses of themselves in the debate. It’s going to be an interesting election, and if the Republicans can’t get their act together … and there’s no indication they’ll be able to, it’s going to be a slam dunk for Barack Obama next year. I mean, if the best they can come up with is Herman Cain. we might as well swear in Obama for his second term right now.

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