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Grunch RoadGrunch Road

New Orleans, 1971: On the morning after the Homecoming Game, four students from Abramson High School are found brutally murdered on a lonely stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. Nick “Iceman” Eismann is a cocky aspiring reporter who writes for the school newspaper who wants to know what happened; two of the dead students were his best friends. When the police won’t give him answers, he looks for his own, coming face to face with a haunting legend from the past, and a loose cannon cop who will stop at nothing to protect the terryfying secret of Grunch Road!

[This is a novel by Matt Butts. If you’re looking for the CD by Benny Grunch and the Bunch, click here.]

Paperback $9.95 ✠ Kindle $4.95


A Four-Year Course in Action and Adventure

The Speed of DarknessBook 1 : The Speed of Darkness

Nick “Iceman” returns in all-new adventures at Arkadia University, a mysterious campus hidden away in the Louisiana bayou where students are dying from a deadly new drug. A shocking web of rumors, lies, lust, jealousy and murder leads to a shocking truth that’s right under his nose! It’s just one of many deep, dark secrets at Arkadia, where there’s a story behind every door and a skeleton in every closet. If Nick is going to survive there, he’ll need the kind of education not found in books. His education is about to begin.

Paperback $9.95 ✠ Kindle $4.95

Sport of the Gods

Book 2 : Sport of the Gods

New Orleans, 1973: There’s a monster on the loose, a modern-day Jack the Ripper who has murdered half a dozen innocent young women all over the city… and the body count is still climbing. Nick “Iceman” isn’t paying much attention to the story, until the police finally arrest a suspect – because it’s him! Suddenly, he’s public enemy number one, and a police detective with an axe to grind wants to make sure he fries! If he can’t clear his name, the Iceman is a dead man!

Paperback $9.95 ✠ Kindle $4.95

Let Us Prey

Book 3 : Let Us Prey

Nick Eismann returns to Arkadia after the worst year of his life. He’s a changed man, both mentally and physically, vowing never to be a victim again. He’s also estranged from the family that turned its back in his darkest hour – except for his little brother, who always stood by him. Now a deep, dark secret is eating the boy alive, and only Nick realizes it, because he’s been there. Nick suspects a trusted family friend of committing the unholiest of sins.
But will anybody believe him?

Paperback $9.95 ✠ Kindle $4.95

Mad Science

Book 4 : Mad Science

It’s Arkadia’s 100th Anniversity, and they’re pulling out all the stops to celebrate the big Centennial. The College of Science is hosting a consortium for the world’s greatest scientific minds, but a band of rogue professors has a dark agenda of its own with an evil eye bent on world domination. – including a mad biology professor whose genetic experiments may hold the key to a haunting question from the Iceman’s own past!

Paperback $9.95 ✠ Kindle $4.95

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