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Grunch Road

The Novel that Started it All!

New Orleans, 1971: On the night of the homecoming game, four teenagers are brutally murdered on a lonely stretch of road. Nick “Iceman” Eismann, a friend to two of the victims, is a cocky, intrepid reporter-in-training who writes for the school newspaper. When nobody will tell him what happened to his friends, he starts his own investigation and comes face to face with a terrifying legend from the city’s haunted past, and a loose cannon cop who will stop at nothing to protect the terrifying secret of Grunch Road!


This is a novel by Matt Butts. Are you looking
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The Speed of Darkness

University of the Damned Book 1

Arkadia University, 1972: Nick Eismann and his sidekick Ben Brody have won a scholarship to one of the most prestigious journalism schools in the country. This ain’t high school; Nick’s back at the bottom of the food chain now, and arrogant rival is determined to defeat him in love and war. If the Iceman is going to survive at Arkadia, he’s going to need the kind of knowledge not found in books. His education is about to begin.


Sport of the Gods

University of the Damned Book 2

New Orleans, 1973: There’s a monster on the loose, a fiendish killer terrorizing the city like a modern day Jack the Ripper. Six innocent young women have been raped and murdered and the body count is still climbing! Nick Eismann isn’t covering that story: he’s investigating suspicious deaths in the athletic department. But the ripper’s gruesome spree becomes his top priority when the police finally come up with a suspect … because it’s him!


Let Us Prey

University of the Damned Book 3

New Orleans, 1974: Corey Eismann never lost the faith, even when they said his brother was a killer. He insisted the unspeakable accusations weren’t true, even when he got punished for it. Nick Eismann will never forget that. Now a deep dark secret is eating the boy alive, and only Nick realizes it, because he’s been there. When Nick suspects a trusted family friend of the unholiest of sins, it’s payback time!


Mad Science

University of the Damned Book 4

It’s Arkadia’s 100th Anniversary, and the University is pulling out all the stops to celebrate. The Science College is doing its part by sponsoring a gathering of the world’s greatest scientific minds. But a rogue band of scientists has a dark agenda of its own, especially a demented biology professor whose genetic experiments may hold the key to a haunting secret from Nick’s own past!



coverBeyond Breakaway

A Space: 1999 Fan Fiction

Based on a script I wrote and brought to the MainMission:2000 convention, this story continues the pilot episode of the series and explores the events on Moonbase Alpha the day after a nuclear accident pushes the moon out of Earth’s orbit.

coverSaturday Night With The Virgin Mary

A Catholic Boy’s Masturbation Fantasy

A short story I wrote in 1987. Guaranteed 100% blasphemy and sacrilege! You will go to hell for reading it. If you write to me whining about how offended you are by it, I will hunt you down, walk up to you, point at you and laugh.

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