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Love at Second Sight

Adam Weiser has a special gift, the ability to hear the unspoken thoughts of people around him and learn everything about them by looking in their eyes. Not even his friends know his secret. But when an angry gang of teenage gay bashers kills a friend and beats him within inches of his life, he’s not afraid to use his powers to get justice. But he finds even more when the dedicated gay police sergeant assigned to his case falls in love with him. Steve Kensley is the knight in shining armor Adam has looked for all his life. But can he handle the truth?

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The following books make up a continuing series.
Reading them in order is strongly recommended.

Grunch RoadGrunch Road

New Orleans, 1971: On the morning after the Homecoming Game, four students from Abramson High School are found brutally murdered on a lonely stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. Nick “Iceman” Eismann is a cocky aspiring reporter who writes for the school newspaper who wants to know what happened; two of the dead students were his best friends. When the police won’t give him answers, he looks for his own, coming face to face with a haunting legend from the past, and a loose cannon cop who will stop at nothing to protect the terryfying secret of Grunch Road!

[This is a novel by Matt Butts. If you’re looking for the CD by Benny Grunch and the Bunch, click here.]

Paperback $9.99 ✠ Kindle $4.95


A Four-Year Course in Action and Adventure

The Speed of DarknessBook 1 : The Speed of Darkness

Nick “Iceman” returns in all-new adventures at Arkadia University, a mysterious campus hidden away in the Louisiana bayou where students are dying from a deadly new drug. A shocking web of rumors, lies, lust, jealousy and murder leads to a shocking truth that’s right under his nose! It’s just one of many deep, dark secrets at Arkadia, where there’s a story behind every door and a skeleton in every closet. If Nick is going to survive there, he’ll need the kind of education not found in books. His education is about to begin.

Paperback $10.99 ✠ Kindle $4.95

Sport of the Gods

Book 2 : Sport of the Gods

New Orleans, 1973: There’s a monster on the loose, a modern-day Jack the Ripper who has murdered half a dozen innocent young women all over the city… and the body count is still climbing. Nick “Iceman” isn’t paying much attention to the story, until the police finally arrest a suspect – because it’s him! Suddenly, he’s public enemy number one, and a police detective with an axe to grind wants to make sure he fries! If he can’t clear his name, the Iceman is a dead man!

Paperback $10.99 ✠ Kindle $4.95

Let Us Prey

Book 3 : Let Us Prey

Nick Eismann returns to Arkadia after the worst year of his life. He’s a changed man, both mentally and physically, vowing never to be a victim again. He’s also estranged from the family that turned its back in his darkest hour – except for his little brother, who always stood by him. Now a deep, dark secret is eating the boy alive, and only Nick realizes it, because he’s been there. Nick suspects a trusted family friend of committing the unholiest of sins.
But will anybody believe him?

Paperback $10.99 ✠ Kindle $4.95

Mad Science

Book 4 : Mad Science

It’s Arkadia’s 100th Anniversity, and they’re pulling out all the stops to celebrate the big Centennial. The College of Science is hosting a consortium for the world’s greatest scientific minds, but a band of rogue professors has a dark agenda of its own with an evil eye bent on world domination. – including a mad biology professor whose genetic experiments may hold the key to a haunting question from the Iceman’s own past!

Paperback $10.99 ✠ Kindle $4.95

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